I've just uploaded TouchType, a program I wrote to teach myself to type better, to google code. Here's the url It's written in python, feel free to hack on the source, feedback would be great.

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Pygame Abstraction

This is a simple script that I use for all my pygame programs, just because it makes the whole business of creating a window and receiving events a little bit easier . ...

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Profiling In Python

I received a request today to write a post about profiling C extensions in Python and here it is. I'm going to show you a little module that I wrote that acts as an interface layer for extensions by explaining how I made it. To begin with we need something to profile, to keep it simple we'll use the standard library: ...

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What Programming Meant And Means To Me

I'm been programming for a number of years, since I was very young. I got into it because I wanted to write games. When I started out, programming for me was using my sketchy grasp of C to tinker with other peoples' code. I remember writing the most hideous snakes and ladders game that could ever exist. Every transition was done with hundreds of if statements and the graphics were distinctly blocky, a green quad was a snake. I was proud though and there's nothing quite like the feeling that you can create anything that takes you fancy, your computer is the only tool you need. ...

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I'm with Tagadab for my hosting (VPS) and I'd recommend them to everyone. Their support is simply outstanding. Yesterday, I made the switch to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, because 8.04 was driving me mad (with the lack of recent software). The first problem was that I couldn't update without running out of memory. Not a difficult problem to fix, I just added some (512mb) temporary swap: ...

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